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Based in the beautiful Lake Taupo region of New Zealand we fish more locations, using more techniques to put you in front of hard fighting Rainbow trout and stunning big Brown trout.   We guide clients on a range of stream, river and lake locations suited to all fly fishing tastes and skill levels.  Enjoy the famous Taupo and Rotorua fishing regions, and other unique New Zealand wilderness spots, with guidance from one of our experienced, friendly and patient fly fishing guides.

We will share with you: 

  • secret ‘hotspots’ that you’ll never forget
  • subtle tips that can drastically improve your flyfishing success rate
  • fly fishing techniques not widely applied by fishing guides in Taupo or NZ
  • great photos to capture your New Zealand flyfishing memories forever
  • genuine commitment to make your experience with us amazing

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Check out our latest fishing reports:

Taupo Fly Fishing Report 19 March 2014

Posted by admin on March 19, 2014

Well it has been an amazing summer and we have had little time in front of the computer, but we do have a whole stash of new fishing stories to tell and some new friends we have made.  While many Kiwis would say it hasn’t been the best summer weather-wise, it has been great for fly fishing with lots of smelt in Lake Taupo and loads of big fat noisy cicadas in the trees on the riverbanks.

The cold snap and rain last week may have been enough to stop the cicadas, but they are still worth a try with a small natural nymph dropper such as a size 14 Hare’s Ear.  After three months of munching them, some trout will still have a reflex reaction when they see a big dark shadow float down their food line.  Any big bushy impersonation will work as an attractor, but if you tie on a nymph dropper then a foam Cicada will give you more flotation than a deer hair pattern.


Taupo Fly Fishing Report 16 December 2013

Posted by admin on December 15, 2013

The cicadas have been out singing on the last few warmer days.  They are a terrible distraction when you have to mow the lawns or dig the garden and you wish you were down on the river casting a cicada imitation to a big Brown trout!

Taupo has had some wacky weather over the last week, with rain followed by very hot spells, and a couple of big thunder storms with dramatic lightening shows.

As we have reported earlier, there are tonnes of smelt in the lake at the moment and you can have a lot of fun walking the shoreline looking for ‘boil-ups’ as the sea fishermen call them.  We don’t get the diving Gannets but you will see trout carving through the middle of the schools of smelt.  If you have a kayak or boat get out and drift and cast to them.  Anywhere from Waitahanui up to Wharewaka point is a good starting point.


Taupo Fly Fishing Report 2 December 2013

Posted by admin on December 1, 2013

We’ve had such a great start to the summer season that many are saying it feels like late January fishing instead of late November.

There are more smelt around than we’ve seen in about five years and most fish caught on the lake edges are chock full of them.  Walk around Boat Harbour or the local boat ramps and you can see  big schools of smelt and the trout carving through them like supercharged mini-Tarpon.

The local Taupo fly fishing is going great with lots of fish now looking up for smaller dries. There are no Terrestrials yet but we are hearing Cicadas everywhere which is awesome and there are lots of Green Beetles being seen and Brown Beetles in the evenings.  The humid weather has been great for the Caddis hatches with this humid calm weather at the start of last week.  There were some beautiful fish caught last week on the Tongariro in the evenings, with some good Brownies over five pounds coming in.


Taupo Fly Fishing Report 15 November 2013

Posted by admin on November 15, 2013

The last few days in Taupo have been stunning with some hot sunny weather which has been great for insect activity.  Many local streams are experiencing evening rises which provide some of the most enjoyable fly fishing.

The Tongariro and Tauranga Taupo rivers have been fishing well in the upper reaches, with less activity lower down.  The Bridge Pool at times have no anglers on it during the week which is an indication that there are fewer fishermen about at the moment and there are fewer fresh fish coming through the lower pools.  The spawning runs are by no means over, but we have not had good rain for over a week.

Lake Taupo is providing some beautiful fat healthy trout for boat fishermen jigging and harling small smelt flies.  Many trout are chocka block full of smelt which is a great sign for the fishery.  The Western Bays are brilliant this time of year, if you can get over to Waihaha you may have some amazing fishing with the stream mouths bubbling with trout.  If you can camp or stay on a boat it is worth it as the night-fishing at the mouths can produce enormous Brown trout.


Taupo Fly Fishing Report 11 November 2013

Posted by admin on November 11, 2013

We finally got some hot weather over the weekend, with the temperature at 6pm on Saturday still at 25 degrees Celsius.  It’s a great time to be fly fishing in the Taupo district as there are so many options right now – we are getting spawning trout in the big rivers, heaps of great conditioned trout in the lakes, and dry fly action on local streams and backcountry rivers.  There are dozens of great fishing options all within an hour and a half drive of Taupo, and many are alot closer.

Earlier in the week the weather was rough which limited fly fishing options but the main spawning rivers were still delivering.  The Tongariro has a lot of trout in it with many in the 4-5 pound bracket and still lots of fresh fish turning up amongst the spent ones.  Wet-lining and nymphing are working equally well. You can try anywhere up and down the river and the pools will be holding trout.

The Tauranga Taupo has large concentrations of trout in its upper reaches but they have had quite a bit of pressure and spook easily. We had some interesting fishing there on Thursday with fork lightening cracking around us so the decision was made to rest the rods for half an hour until the storm past.  Luckily the trout were not bothered by the storm.


Taupo Fly Fishing Report 1 November 2013

Posted by admin on October 31, 2013

Its shaping up to be a brilliant summer for fly fishing here in the Taupo region and the trout are going to be in great condition. 

The smelting seems to be well under way quite early this year with river mouth anglers having lots of action on small Grey Ghosts, Green Orbits and Silicon Smelt.  Now is the perfect time for serious anglers to get stalking along the sandy bays and if you are getting kids into fly fishing then take them to Wharewaka Point as the drop off is in close and smelting trout patrol it all day.    

The river fly fishing has been nice and steady for those who have planned trips to places out of the wind.  The last few mornings have started with rain but cleared to allow a range of fishing options.  We have found a few rising fish here and there but no real solid dry fly activity yet .  We need the wind to settle down and a couple of extra degrees and the insect life will really take off with lots of dry fly action.


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